Miro’s Monday Mixtape – V.1

Every Monday, I’m posting a new mixtape of 10 songs – various bands and artists that I feel you need to hear.

These mixtapes will include songs that have affected me – some you may have already heard, some will be brand new to you.

Some you’ll love and obsess over, others you may never want to hear again. Some will make you want to dance, some will have you in tears… my hope is that they just make you feel.

Please take a listen and share your thoughts and opinions.

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Song of the Day: “Do You Remember” by Jarryd James


I don’t know much about Jarryd James except that he’s from Australia, toured with Broods (one of my faves), and I’m obsessed with his voice and song, “Do You Remember.”

Currently on repeat.

MUST see him when he’s in LA.

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Hozier Shares Stunning Video for “Work Song”

Suffice it to say that I’m a huge fan of Hozier, and that he’s amazing live. I saw him 5 times in 2014, and his song “Work Song” was always one of the standout songs live. The clapping, melody and lyrics are just captivating and I’ll say it, spiritual.

The music video is beautiful and just perfect. I genuinely hope more people listen to his album and that he has another radio hit – he’s so much more than “Take Me To Church.”

If you haven’t picked up his eponymous album, you’re missing out! Check out “Work Song,” “To Be Alone,” “Sedated,” “From Eden,” and “Angel of Small Death & The Codeine Scene” for starters.

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