That One Time Passenger Captivated The Wiltern

On Saturday, Michael Rosenberg, best known as English singer-songwriter/busker Passenger, played a sold-out show at The Wiltern in LA, as part of his “Whispers” Tour. He has the audience captivated with his soulful voice, which filled the room with powerful positive energy. His lyrics and songs as stories, and the audience hung onto every single word and lyric.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet and hang with Michael, and see him perform on an intimate stage, and was curious as to how he would handle a larger audience. The answer is Michael. He’s such a genuine, sincere soul, and it comes across on a larger scale in front of a larger audience. The way the crowd sang along and even chanted was magical, amplified by the enormity of the room.

It was a phenomenal night, magical in fact.

With Passenger in April 2014 at 104.3 MYfm.

Bastille – “Bad_News”

It’s safe to say that since the first time I heard “Pompeii” on BBC Radio 1, I’ve been a massive fan of Bastille and Dan Smith. I couldn’t stop listening to their album, Bad Blood, and have been more than obsessed with the deluxe version of their album, “All This Bad Blood.”

I was really excited to hear “Bad_News,” their brand new song, and was pleasantly surprised. It absolutely doesn’t sound like anything on their album, but isn’t much of a surprise, given their RnB covers and influence. It’s a new direction, and one I’m not mad about.

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The X-Factor UK 2014 – Amy Connolly & Andrea Faustini

So the current season of The X-Factor UK started, it’s the 11th season of the show. This year we see the much anticipated return of judges Simon Cowell and Cheryl, of course Louis Walsh is back, and it’s the first time for Spice Girl Mel B to take the seat permanently, though she sat in as a guest judge before.

As expected, the dynamic between Simon and Cheryl took center stage and played off very well. It’s as though the two never had a fallout over the missteps in the US version of the show. The production of the show was slick, as we’ve come to expect. The talent this year, however, was off to a slow start. There were a few standout auditions, but only a few I see in the live show and potentially having careers.

There were a few girls and groups that were fantastic in the montages, but here are the two full auditions I thoroughly enjoyed and was absolutely taken by…

I was saddened by Amy Connolly’s early departure a few years back and was excited to see her return, and the affect she had on Cheryl:

Every year, we’re reminded not to judge a book by it’s cover, and this year, it was Andrea Faustini who taught us the lesson. With is accent, admiration for X-Factor and the Mel B doll, oh yeah, and the PUG shirt, it was inevitable he would be horrendous… but that was not the case. It was such a fantastic moment – not sure how his time on the show will last, but what an impressive first impression.

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