Song of the Day: “Renegades” by X Ambassadors

This song is special. I heard it a little over a month ago and it stopped me dead in my tracks. It gave me all the feels and I HAD to share it with you. I feel like this song will blow up… it needs to.

Check out “Renegades” by X Ambassadors:

Song of the Day: Bastille – “Earth Song” / “Common People” BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

I mean, it’s Earth Day and it just feels right, right?

“Earth Song” is one of my favorite Michael Jackson songs, and Bastille are one of my favorite bands. This cover is amazing. I hope this makes it on one of their mixtapes at some point. For now, check out this rad live version.

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twenty one pilots – “Fairly Local”

You don’t go to a twenty one pilots show. You experience it. You feel it. You are it.

I saw Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun play twice for ALT 98.7, once at our show at Life is Beautiful in 2013 and at our Penthouse, and I knew they were talented and had it. I loved the lyrics and their sound and especially their stories. I felt like I knew them and their music. They described me. “Car Radio” spoke to me. Their album “Vessel” is just flawless. I’ve watched their “Live from the LC” concert at least a hundred times.

I completely got it and felt it when I finally saw them at the Palladium, I was blown away. It’s one of the best concert experiences I’ve ever had. We had VIP passes to be up in the balcony – but no, I needed to be in the pit with the crowd, singing and vibing with all the fans. And it was glorious. Religious. I felt like I was part of the community and a member of the twenty one pilots community and I felt amazing.

I got to meet the guys again after the show and thank them for the show. It was incredible shaking their hands and really thanking them. (It’s the perk of the job I enjoy the most… not just meeting the bands I love, but thanking them. I did it before I had the job and met musicians – I’ll wait after shows to do this. I don’t need a pic – just a hand shake and exchange of gratitude will do.)

They just released a new song, “Fairly Local” and I effin love it! I’ve had it on repeat for the last hour and can’t get enough! I can’t wait to see them again and to be part of the masses that are also moved by their lyrics, music, and stories.