Frankmusik Delivers with “Map (Acoustic Version)”


Frankmusik does it again with the acoustic version of “Map”.

I was obsessed with the studio version of “Map”, and frankly, all the songs from his latest EP. And will now have the acoustic version of “Map” as one of the few songs I constantly have on repeat.

What’s amazing and brilliant about Frankmusik is that he makes brilliant music because he enjoys it. And he does it all by himself – including the writing, producing, mixing, and does it all brilliantly. He’s got a great ear for pop production – and an insanely great voice.

What’s also fascinating and brilliant about Frankmusik’s music is that the songs hold their own when you strip away the brilliant production. In fact, that’s what initially caught my attention with Frankmusik’s debut album, Compelte Me, was the acoustic version of the entire album, Completely Me. With great production, one can turn a crap song into a hit… but the song will fall apart without it – and that’s ont the case with anything Frankmusik does. The acoustic version highlights Frankmusik’s production and songwriting/song-crafting skills.

And Frankmusik will be doing the same with his latest album, Between, and the acoustic version called Between Us. Again… all his songs hold up and are fantastic as full production-album versions and stripped acoustic versions. Often time, both are so good that I can’t pick a favorite.

Frankmusik is also heading out on a tour in the US – check dates here and go see him.

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