The Great Gatsby Soundtrack

Great Gatsby Soundtrack

It’s not too often that a movie’s soundtrack is as highly anticipated as the movie, as is the case with The Great Gatsby soundtrack. But then again, it’s a Buz Luhrmann movie, and the soundtrack is executive produced by Jay-Z and features Beyonce, The xx, Lana Del Rey, Emeli Sande, Jay-Z, Fergie,, Sia, and Florence and the Machine.

Here’s the lead single from the album, Lana Del Rey‘s “Young and Beautiful”.

The xx also contributed a song to the album, it’s called “Together” and is fantastic.

And one of my favorites from what I’ve heard is “Only The Love” by Florence and the Machine. She is fantastic for the album and her voice is excellent for this emotional ballad. Florence and her music are a great match for the movie.

Absent from this post is Beyonce and Andre 3000‘s cover of “Back To Black”, a cover of the Amy Winehouse classic. And it’s terrible. It’s shambolic. I’m not sure why they decided to cover sych an iconic song so soon, and why the end result is so terrible. It’s over-produced, and void of the emotion and depth of the original. It’s shite!

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